Trisha's Top 5 Horror Films of 2017

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To kickstart the new week, Trisha gives us her five favorite horror/thrillers of 2017!



These damned sharks just swim in circles taunting the girls stuck at the bottom of the ocean with next to no oxygen left. This is scary shit because I would assume a shark would really do this - wait for you to panic and kick and twist and be disoriented so they can snack on a leg or an arm. Besides, any movie with sharks scares the bejesus out of me. Jaws, anyone? 

#4 - IT


The anticipation of this 2017 theatrical release almost killed me. I was shaking in the theater waiting for it to start. I really loved this adaptation of the novel. The child actors - unbelievable! Those teeth though...



Although technically not a horror movie, there was enough blood and guts to qualify it as such. As the story progresses, I couldn't help but wonder who I would slash in a "do or die" situation such as this crazy social experiment. Who am I kidding?? I know exactly who goes first. 



This movie is beautifully filmed in such a way that even when you don't see Annabelle, you know she is there. I was jumping straight out of my chair and into a fetal position clutching my chest and calling for my mom. Jump scares galore - this installment of Annabelle had me checking my closets (and locking them) when I got home. 

#1 - GET OUT

Get Out.jpg

I hesitated to see this movie because I am not a fan of Key or Peele. But holy shit - this ended up being my favorite movie of the year! Chatherine Keener is the sweetest creep in any movie I've seen, and Bradley Whitford was phenomenal. You could not have hired a better cast. Somewhere in the back of my mind I know brain switching could truly happen in this fucked up world of ours. Just keep your damned teacup away from me!

Trisha Thompson