Shannon McGrew

Shannon is the owner and founder of the website Nightmarish Conjurings and has loved all things horror since she was a kid.  Growing up she remembers reading Goosebumps as well as watching anything horror related such as "Killer Klowns From Outer Space", "Poltergeist", "The Exorcist", and "Are You Afraid of the Dark."  Shannon is an avid fan of horror attractions and has visited them throughout the country; her favorites being Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando, FL and Horseman's Hollow in Sleepy Hollow, NY.  Shannon's goal is to eventually combine her passion for horror and interior design by creating one-of-a-kind horror attractions.  She is drawn to all sorts of horror genres but favors horror movies that involve the supernatural, religion and monsters.  Some of her favorite movies include "The Exorcist", "The Thing", "The Descent" and "Trick R' Treat".  Most days you can find Shannon designing, watching horror movies, reading horror books, and writing about events for Icons of Fright as well as being a Brand Ambassador for CryptTV.  


James H. Carter II

James H. Carter II fell in love with dark, creepy things as a young child.  Films like "Monster Squad", "Beetlejuice", "A Nightmare on Elm Street", "Creepshow 2" and "Snow White" gave James a lust for the darker side of things that still carries over to this day!  It's only natural that his musical interests would evolve into a deep love of dark electronic music, horrorcore hip hop, thrash metal, and slow noisy rock, arguably the musical equivalent to horror films.  Currently, James owns and operates Monster Movie Media, a multimedia company that produces Films, Podcasts and Music.

Craig Thayer

The room was dark save for the light emanating from the television.  A young boy sits on the couch amidst the encroaching shadows waiting for his favorite Saturday night show to begin.  The boy grins mischievously as lightning split the screen: this was his time, this was his show, this was MonsterVision with Joe Bob Briggs, and the boy was just happy to be along for the ride. 

MonsterVision was definitely Craig's gateway to the world of horror and he loved tuning in every week to have Joe Bob guide him through the classic and not so classic feature.  His hilarious drive in totals, interesting behind the scenes facts, and general persona gave Craig a real appreciation for all different types of horror movies. To this day, when asked, he always credits many late nights of MonsterVision viewing as the reason he loves the horror genre so much. 

His love of horror eventually grew so great that he began seeking out other like-minded fans at his middle school.  Through horror, he met two of his best friends and they spent many a night talking scary movies or marathoning horror movies (or both).  As him and his friends grew up, they started going to haunted places, attending conventions, or visiting local haunts which only further solidified Craig's love of the genre. 

Horror has become such a huge part of his life that he even used Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando as a testing ground for his future wife, Colleen.  While this may not seem like a huge thing, his trips down to Orlando were a running tradition with one of his best friends, Shannon (Owner and Editor-in-Chief of Nightmarish Conjurings), so there was a fair amount of pressure for this to be a success.  He admits, it was a bit nerve racking not knowing how exactly she would react to the event, but luckily she loved it just as much as him and Shannon did, within the year, Colleen and Craig were married. 

Crazy to think that this horror journey all started with a preteen hanging out in a dimly lit basement watching MonsterVision on a small television. 



Mr. William Nightshade

Mr. William Nightshade was born in Green Town, Illinois on September 22, 1983.  His childhood was quiet and he filled his days with games of hide and go seek in the woods and fields on the outskirts of town, reading in the local library, or sitting on the front porch with his parents and listening to his two grandfathers spin their tales of terror and wonder.  Unlike much of his family, he had the traveling bug and left Green Town at the age of 22 to see the world.  In the last ten years he has written and taught all over the globe.  During the course of his travels he met and married Juliette Foucher.  They keep mostly to the road, but he can be found in Green Town, Illinois every October 30th, celebrating the birthdays of his grandfathers.  He would like to dedicate his writing to his family, both near and far, both living and dead, and to all those who laugh loudly and often. 

Cindy Van Wert

Cindy Van Wert, a former Jersey Girl, now a resident of Oz, grew up on horror movies.  From "The Exoricst" to "An American Werewolf in London" to "The Thing" and "Poltergeist", her love of horror started at a young age.  Friday nights were "Scary Movie" nights growing up.  She and her mother would sit in the dark watching movies like "Willard" and "The Amityville Horror" while peeking through their fingers.  As a teenager, she delved further into genre cinema while browsing the "cult" section at the local video store.  Movies like "Basket Case" and "It's Alive" caught her eye, and other offerings like those kindled a desire insider her for more.  She adores all subsects of horror, from the obscure to classics, to torture porn, modern to indie and found footage.  There's nothing too shocking, too gory, or too violent...she loves it all!

Taylor Terrible

Taylor has been in love with all things dark and spooky since the age of 5, when she fell in love with Edward Scissorhands.  After that, she started carrying Goosebump books to school, reading them every chance she got.  That sparked her love for writing, which brought her where she is now.  16 years later, she has her own blog at terribletoychest.blogspot.com, writes for MoviePilot.com, and is incredibly excited to be involved with Nightmarish Conjurings!  When she's not writing, you can probably find her talking about Hellraiser (her favorite film of all time...she even has a tattoo), reading and watching every horror-related thing she can find, and running around horror conventions.


Writing under a pseudonym for no discernible reason, NonSequitur is an international man of horror, thriller and mystery.  He enjoys watching axes cleave skulls, chainsaws tear limbs from torsos, and blood fountain across rooms and into the faces of willing audiences.  His interests in horror film span far back to the early black and white dark ages of cinema, to the bushy 70's, to the cocaine-dusted 80's, and into the PG-13 teen-scare fests of today.  Though, the nastier, the better.  Exploitation puts a smile on his dial.  Go ahead.  Try to shock him, if you dare. 

Devin March

Devin March was born April 25, 1990 in Sacramento, CA.  His father was in the military so they moved fairly often.  Shortly after he was born he moved to South New York (not the big city).  Some of his earliest memories are walking through freshly fallen snow that stood taller than him, a mean parrot that they had named Rose, eating Kix Cereal and watching "Through the Looking Glass" the TV series.  Devin has always been a fan of horror and as a young kid he was really intrigued by being completely terrified.  His mom never really wanted him to watch them because she knew he wouldn't sleep through the night.  His dad on the other hand loved making him watch horror movies with him and it has become some of his earliest father/son bonding memories.  Devin specifically remembers watching "The Scarecrow", "Carnosaur", and "Halloween 3: Season of the Witch".  Devin was also really into video games with a lot of bloodshed such as "Primal Rage", "Mortal Kombat" and "Doom".  Devin's family moved around a little more to places such as Mexico and Texas before moving back to Sacramento.  Devin would binge watch "Are You Afraid of the Dark" and remembers seeing "The Mummy" for the first time and it scaring the crap out of him.  Aside from the horror genre, he's hugely into Hip Hop culture (particularly 90's Hip Hop music and fashion) punk/harcore music and Star Wars.  Devin is also a Disney fanatic and is currently engaged to his lovely lady, Jasmine, who also shares the same interest as him!

Amy Dean Rodriguez

Amy Rodriguez is a Disneyland enthusiast and lover of all things demonic and creepy.  Having been a fan of classic horror for most of her life, Amy's passion for horror developed in her later teen years after learning about angels and demons from her minister father.  Personal preference ranges from classics like "Freaks" and "Night of the Living Dead" to possession movies such as "The Exorcist" and "The Amityville Horror", as well as stories that center around a serial killer like "Se7en".  The more blood, guts and gore the better.  Attending haunts is also a personal favorite past time, having gone to every Six Flags and Great American Haunt since 2010.  Still new to Nightmarish Conjurings family, Amy hopes to bring her own perspective of having grown up in a religious home but also being a lifelong rebel. 

Abigail Braman

Abigail's passion for horror stems from numerous places, creating a wide range of interests throughout the genre.  Growing up with classics such as "The Wolfman" and "Dracula", Abigail wasn't allowed to see much else, but that didn't stop her from watching horror films at friend's houses.  While being a lover of all horror, some of her favorite sub-genres would include satanic cults, werewolves and survivalist films.  She is fond of anything macabre and horror-related, but is also passionate about animation and music.  Abigail's true calling in life is, and always will be, fine art; specializing in painting macabre subject matters and horror icons.  She works as a freelance artist, along with co-owning a new company called Ernstman Productions, which will distribute and create short/full length stop motion films.  Aside from art and horror, Abigail is also a very passionate banjo player, enjoying styles such as New Orleans jazz, swing and rockabilly music.  Her Facebook art page can be viewed here: www.facebook.com/AbigailBramanArt.

Nikki VonFrankenstitch

Nikki's love of things that go bump in the night began at a very early age, inside Disneyland's Haunted Mansion, where ghosts danced endlessly in ballrooms, and the graveyard was a great place for a party.  Her first horror movies was "The Exoricst", which scared the bujeezus out of her, soon followed by her favorite psychopath, Jason Voorhees.  Jason is the reason she hates camping and being out in nature in general (but remains #teamjason).  Her happiest holidays of the year are her birthday, Halloween, and any Friday the 13th, which she considers mini Halloweens.  Nikki calls herself a Halloqueen, loves staying home on Halloween night, giving out handfuls of candy (the good stuff!!!), making the kids scream for their candy, and eating lots of taquitos and guacamole.  A lover of Knott's Scary Farm, Nikki is still reeling from the awesomeness of the short lived haunt that was held at the Winchester Mystery House which no longer happens; she's pretty hard to startle, but at haunts turns her defenses off, enjoying being scared and chased by monsters, loving the adrenaline rush.  Some of her most loved creepy/horror flicks include Disney's "Something Wicked This Way Comes", the 80's heavy metal horror flick "Trick or Treat" (starring Skippy from Family Ties!!!), "Beetlejuice" (basically anything Tim Burton touches), Jeepers Creepers STILL scares her even though she knows exactly when the scares are coming..., "Tremors", "Trick R' Treat" (for the love of Sam!), the Phantasm series ("Phantasm II was her introduction her junior year of high school), "Sleepy Hollow"...and probably 10 others she'll remember later.  Also a huge DisNerd, having had an annual pass for over 15 years, she proudly flies her nerd flag high, has a thing for chibi/kawaii horror stuff (Sam so perfectly fits into this category), looks like a greaser, is in love with Bill Nye, and has a borderline unhealthy obsession with bats and black cats.  Lastly, is only happy when it rains.

Jay Kay

Residing on the outskirts of Camp Blood in the famed backwoods of Blairstown, New Jersey, Jay Kay has parlayed his love of the horror genre into a career of broadcasting, writing, acting, moderating, filmmaking and more... Giving opportunities to all the different creative areas of horror (indie through mainstream), Jay Kay and his partner, "The Ghost", have created one of the best horror talk shows streaming today.  Host of the Rondo nominated "Horror Happens Radio Show" (HorrorHappnes.com), his weekly live & uncensored horror radios show has grown a cult following with over 750 first time guests in 47 months and close to 160 live shows spanning the dark corners of horror and the dysfunctional family on diverse radio platforms like Rock Rage Radio!

With his body of work and the growing reputation in the horror community, Jay Kay also dabbles in horror journalism, finding homes on several multi-media platforms writing interviews, features, reviews and editorials.  Some of Jay Kay's favorite movies include "The Strangers", "Halloween", "Night of the Living Dead", "I Saw the Devil", "AB-Normal Beauty", "The House of the Devil", "28 Days Later", "Lovely Molly" & "Trick R' Treat."  Find out more about Jay Kay on Twitter @horrorhappensRS and on Facebook at facebook.com/horrorhappensrs

Stacey Valdez

Stacey was the creepy kid growing up who would bring VHS copies from the video store of Prince of Darkness and Zombie to her sleepovers.  Now, she's the creepy adult that brings Blu-ray copies of Prince of Darkness and Zombie to dinner parties.  Fascinated by all things macabre - if it involves the occult and/or true crime, she's in.  Currently living in the Hill Country of Texas with her ferocious Yorkie and her husband, she also runs her own horror blog, To Avoid Fainting

Ryan Wilkins

Ryan Wilkins was raised on a steady diet of horror, starting with his grandmother introducing him to "Tales from the Crypt" at their weekly Friday night sleep-overs, and his father traumatizing him with late night viewings of "The Exorcist", "The Omen" and "Friday the 13th".  But what started as a deep fear soon evolved into an unhealthy obsession with all things horrifying, be it films, books, haunts, legends or true crime novels.  In addition to writing for Nightmarish Conjurings, Ryan recently relaunched his site, Nocturnal Visions (www.nocturnal-visions.com), in which he shares reviews, news and other articles/editorial pieces covering anything (and everything) that may fall under the horror umbrella.  While he hopes to one day work full time writing for horror publications, in the mean time he's happy being involved in the horror community in any capacity.  Ryan currently pays the bills performing in a successful cover band that works out of the Los Angeles county area, in addition to his original rock 'n roll band that he co-founded in 2010.  As far as he's concerned, no two things go better than rock 'n roll and horror.  Just ask "The Cramps".

Mary C. Russell

Mary C. Russell is a horror film director, originally from the Bay Area but grew up a little differently than the average American girl.  At the age of eight she moved to Singapore as an expat and now currently lives in Los Angeles. She is two years out of Columbia College Hollywood having graduated in 2014 with a BFA majoring in directing.  To her, horror movies make you feel on edge but comfortable at the same time and everyone comes out of a horror film interpreting it in a different way.  This feeling is addicting.

Mary directed, wrote, and produced the horror slasher short film, "Carved", that was screened at the NewFilmmakers LA Film Festival in 2015.  The film involves a soul of a satanic inmate that possesses innocent people on the road to Las Vegas.  She drew inspiration from such films as 1971's "Vanishing Point" and Quentin Tarantino's "Death Proof".  This film was also screened at the Days of the Dead: Los Angeles convention with Etheria Film Night 2016.

Mary loves screenwriting horror concepts, especially ones that will mess you up.  "Give them pleasure, the same pleasure they have when they wake up from a nightmare," a favorite Hitchcock quote.  Mary has also worked in pre-production and development of scripts with dramas, horror, thrillers and science fiction.  She regularly works as a script supervisor and in production on horror and indie horror film sets. 

Being a horror writer and editor for Nightmarish Conjurings, Mary loves being able to review and write about all ranges of horror, whether it's a film review, history of horror, or ghost stories.  Mary is constantly learning about new artists in the horror community and seeing the incredible work they bring to the table.  Horror is always adapting and transforming. 

Ryan Grulich

Ryan Grulich is a Seattle based Producer of events, music, film and creative content.  A horror, Halloween and Disney addict, the macabre is embedded in his daily life.  As with most practitioners of the dark arts, the bug bit early on and the fascination continued into adulthood.  Influences include Lovecraft, Lynch, Barker, King, Argento, Romero and Craven.  You will most often find him with his family, reading or helping to create properties/experiences across the entertainment spectrum.

Jovy Skol

Growing up in a large family, Jovy was surrounded by young aunts and uncles who rented all kinds of horror movies and allowed him to watch as long as he didn't tell his mother.  Both his parents weren't into the genre, but luckily he was left to himself often and could sneak R-rated movies.  Jovy found himself immersed in plenty of movies and books, often so far segregated from reality that his imagination was incredibly inappropriate for a child.  What made it odd was, he rarely had nightmares until he saw CANDYMAN, which to this day he can not watch alone.  The score still gives him chills and he finds himself making sure to never enter a dark bathroom. As an adult, he still loves all his childhood favorites, ranging from CHILD'S PLAY 2 to HOCUS POCUS. Being a grown up during a time where it's cool to collect restored cult classics and discover the many others who love the same things you do on social media is a pretty awesome thing.  Living in the Midwest suburbs can make it pretty hard to find other weirdos.  Still, he finds refuge in writing and having discussions with other genre fans about the important things in life...like favorite sequels and remakes.