At first glance, you wouldn’t expect that someone was murdered here. The ambience is light with soft moody neon lights, electronic 80s beats filling the air, and classic commercials playing on a TV nearby. Maybe it was the intoxicated man lamenting on the couch, or the scattered host whose mind seemed to be somewhere else, or perhaps it was the evidence markers numbering items in the room that alerted you to something being not quite right. Alex Wagner is dead. She was murdered 24 hours ago. But who could do such a thing? And where? With what? As you look around, you realize the murderer is in the very room you are standing in and could be anyone. The stakes are high and you need to be careful who you trust. It’s a race to see who can solve this mystery first. Can you be the first to find out what happened? 

Reality X elevates immersive theater to a new level in SUSPICION, a 1980s murder mystery experience. Each participant obtains a briefcase with an identity and clues about the crime. In addition to searching the house for clues, participants must interact with others to obtain information to solve the mystery. One of the highlights of this experience is how the interactive nature of the game increases one’s ability to be immersed. Participants are transformed into their new identities and take on a key figure in Alex Wagner’s life. Within their roles, participants are challenged to interact and use their critical thinking skills. Other characters have information that can support your investigation, however, can they be trusted? Choosing your friends wisely becomes imperative as you get closer to solving the case. 

Unlike many other immersive theater experiences, SUSPICION gives you a specific role to play within a narrative. However, there is a lot of creative license to develop your character or choose not to. Some roles contained in the briefcase are identified as suspects within the case whereas others are auxiliary characters. Participants can choose how much information to disclose about their character but will find it difficult to play if they choose not to disclose any information to others. In addition to using deception, another fun aspect of this game is accusing your peers of the crime. When you have an idea of the murderer, weapon, and location, you can submit your allegation online and literally put handcuffs on the individual you believe committed the crime. This adds a lighthearted aspect to the game as handcuffs begin to collect on the wrists of prime suspects. In many ways, SUSPICION brings the board game, Clue to life in a roughly 2-hour long immersive setting. 

Although this experience can be intimidating at first, it is relatively easy to catch on to the format of the game. Even if you have never played Clue or been exposed to a murder mystery game before, participants can likely quickly adjust to this experience. As a fun, immersive, and compelling event, SUSPICION casts a wide appeal for audiences who enjoy interactive storytelling. For $89 tickets can be purchased HERE

Danielle Nicole

Danielle Nicole

From a young age, Danielle has been drawn to all things creepy, cute, and weird. In 2017, she fell in love with horror by way of immersive theater and never looked back. Her passion for consumption of Southern California’s spooky art forms has brought her to haunts, film screenings, escape rooms, immersive theater and pop-up events. With a Master’s in Counseling Psychology, she is specifically interested in exploring the psychological aspects of horror.
Danielle Nicole

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