WRETCH is a movie directed by Brian Cunningham and stars Megan Massie, Riker Hill, and Spencer Korcz. The plot is about three people (the couple Caleb and Abby and the friend Riker) who go out in the woods to do drugs, but there’s an evil presence in the woods. That night changes them forever.

Let me start off with ranting how much I hated the characters, especially Caleb. The man had no scrupulous. When Abby finds out what he’s been uploading on the internet, I felt for her. He also is super jealous, but in the beginning, he has no problem sleeping with Abby’s friend. There was just something about him that irritated me.

Riker isn’t perfect either. At first, you think he’s somewhat of a good guy, but all he wants is to get Abby and pushes his advances too far. I felt the sorriest for Abby. The monster turns her insane, takes over her, and it just ends badly for her.

WRETCH doesn’t only have terrible characters, but I found the plot to be too slow. I like a good slow burn, but not when I could care less about the characters (okay, a little for Abby) and the story. I do feel though that this film is about people who are the monsters and how the monsters inside them come out. Speaking of monsters, you won’t be seeing too much of the monster in this movie.

While it may be a film that isn’t at all my cup of tea, I do want to give it a little praise because it does take a lot of work to make a film. The praise I would give is the use of it being a found footage film and then going back to standard. I found it to be very voyeuristic.

Overall I wouldn’t personally recommend WRETCH as the characters were unbearable and the plot went at a snail’s pace. The ending, which is supposed to be shocking, felt more like a cop-out. In the end, I felt like there were more questions than answers.

WRETCH is now available on digital and OnDemand

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