Hello again horror fam! I’m back with another review by the technological horror short geniuses, Space Oddity Films. This time I get the chance to check out their newest short, RETINA.

Space Oddity Films once again holds my interest during the duration of their just under 3 minute shorts. The last few times I checked out their stuff the shorts were Snapchat and Instagram themed. That in mind, it wasn’t surprising for RETINA to be themed around a laptop camera.

This is geared around a man who is clearly paranoid about his laptop camera, with no real explanation as to why, aside from the obvious “Big Brother is watching you” suspicion. I mean, is it really a suspicion? Big Brother is always watching us. They’re watching me write this right now!

There’s a handful of things that can be interpreted from the sites you take in. For instance, the camera being a living, breathing and thinking being. This is very clear to me when the nameless man grabs a screwdriver and stabs the lens and removes the camera which reveals a quick flash of a bloody eyeball on his desk. Despite how quickly it comes and goes, it looks rather convincing.

My foreshadowing reveals to be true as the film shows the man dead and eyeless the following morning, the camera lends fully intact and back on the laptop. Although this was effective as is and did get its point across, I felt a little cheated not being able to see how the camera removed his eyes. That’s just me, not everyone is down for the grit as I am when it comes to movies.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed RETINA and will likely be sharing its cleverness with my fellow horror geeks. Space Oddity Films has a grip of shorts available on their YouTube channel that are fun and definitely worth giving a watch. I mean come on, it’s won’t kill you.

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