A few weeks ago, I ended up at the Los Angeles premiere of THE MASTER CLEANSE during the amazing crazy time of Halloween.  Thanks again to owner Shannon McGrew for letting me represent “Nightmarish Conjurings” at Screamfest Horror Film Festival 2016.

THE MASTER CLEANSE, directed by Bobby Miller, and starring the hunky nerd Johnny Galecki (“The Big Bang Theory”), was an awesome gore horror feature.  The film centers around a cultist group that tempts innocent people to go to a camp retreat where they are asked to drink an unknown “natural” juice to cleanse themselves.  The green juice, made out of who knows what, results in a surprise twist when these characters expel forth something that was inhabiting deep within them. Welcome to the darker side of LA.

I definitely had a crush on Johnny Galecki while I was attending a Film Production College and watching “The Big Bang Theory” while eating Mac-N-Cheese.  The character of Penny also felt relatable at times when I was really trying to push my acting career in college.  Oh the good old days.  However, this isn’t about that so I’ll move on to talking about the movie.

It is nice to see Galecki out of the sitcom soundstage that we are so familiar with seeing him on. Also in the film is Anna Friel, who plays Maggie, Johnny’s insecure but hot brunette love interest. I really loved this horror comedy overall and it had a throwback to the 80’s vibe which is one of my favorite periods of horror.  The best way to describe THE MASTER CLEANSE would be if the GREMLINS met 27 DRESSES.  It’s definitely a film that should be checked out when it’s released as you’ll find yourself laughing your ass off like I did.

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